Collaboration made easy!

In any project, collaboration is key. Sound Trip Tribe is not only a community. It also provides in an online workplace where working together is made infinitely easier. Organize your creative team, make your plans and start working in your customized Google Suite. As an individual, teaming up with others and connecting is as simple as joining the Google Suite!

Our mission is to create a safe working and learning environment, where you can create, play, share and experiment safely and efficiently. The applications in our Suite ensure that you can work in a fun, streamlined and practical way, specifically designed to make the sharing of information and communication easy.

You can be a band, foundation, a musician, artist, writer, creator or someone with a creative idea. Whoever you are, if you need to get your team together or team up, join Sound Trip Tribe now! If you have any questions or business related requests, feel free to contact us.



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Sound Trip Tribe Foundation

Formal name in Dutch:

Stichting Sound Trip Tribe

Chairman: Carlo Balemans
Email: carlos@soundtrip.world
Secretary & Treasury: Wim Mulders
Email: wim.mulders@soundtrip.world
Telephone: +316 5233 8473

Address: Narcislaan 24, 5551 AR Valkenswaard, The Netherlands

Bank Triodos NL77TRIO0788880446
RSIN: 860609790
Registered Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 76392066

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